The Semantic Ape

Our worst enemies are humans of the 60 to 110 IQ range... and even some above. We would fare much better if we only had to deal with other species...  no i don't mean fabled aliens, I mean the ones we despise because they're "lower" than even us, meaning we can easily
KILL them !  Hey ! How cool is that.

We could build an environmentally suspendable world with them, easily. In fact we did, we lived in one with them until we HAD TO BREAK OUT into our godly cerebral delusion, and fuck it all up magnificently, so that we're now only haggling about the exact philo-sophistic conditions on which we'll surrender evolution to the eternal Nirvana of space-time.

This species has a broad range of consciousness...  it has to do with script, data processing, a brain outside the biological brain -  education makes inbred intelligence levels expand or regress - a chance that the IQ 70 refuses to use out of Mega-Fear, he will prefer to stay with Allah.
While the IQ 150 would already like to g forward but cannot in a system stuck between iron age Troglodyte-ism and similarly intelligent emotional SJW modern EMO female-isms.
Such mammal ! Suck-suck.

What a decisive time we live in.
Will we be able to progress or fall back into a primate-level, but mostly destroyed environment, a living hell ?  I don't see many conscious humans around me, not even at the top "decider" level, just silver back Gorillas. In the end, the planet is still just a place where animals beat animals to death, and the animal species that has the momentary upper hand for awhile thinks this is proof it's a superior, "intelligent" life form made by an almighty animal (what else), and that it will  live forever in the face of  the actuality of death.

Delusion is the essence of their thought. They call it semantics. It's obviously a very important survival mechanism.